Untitled #35, 2005

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Untitled, 2001–07

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Between 2001 and 2007 I was co-editor of the British art magazine Untitled. During those years, I commissioned features, special projects and interviews with artists and curators, ranging from Francis Alÿs, Bik Van der Pol, Mark Dion, Annie Fletcher & Frederique Bergholtz, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Karl Holmqvist, Joan Jonas, Erik van Lieshout, Deimantas Narkevičius, Oda Projesi, Oliver Ressler, Martha Rosler, Apolonija Šušteršič, Temporary Services, Wolfgang Tillmans, Agnese Trocchi, and Marjetica Potrc, among others. My co-editor was Mario Flecha, who started publishing Untitled in the 1990s. The reviews section was edited by Andrew Hunt. Prior to my time, Mario's co-editor was Polly Staple. Untitled ceased publication in 2008.

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Some of the contributors I had the pleasure of working with included:

Peio Aguirre, Max Andrews, Diana Baldon, Phyllida Barlow, Dave Beech, Kirsty Bell, Richard Birkett, Pablo Bronstein, Jenny Brownrigg, Craig Burnett, Lizzie Carey-Thomas, Tony Chakar, Claire Bishop, Claire Carolin, Martin Clark, Anna Colin, Lillian Davies, Stephan Dillemuth, Anthony Downey, Bettina Funcke, Maria Fusco, Melanie Gilligan, Mark Godfrey, Catherine Grant, Melissa Gronlund, Bruce Haines, Kit Hammonds, Nav Haq, Rebecca Heald, Jens Hoffman, Anthony Iles, Elisa Kay, Dan Kidner, Jessica Lack, Pablo Lafuente, Langlands & Bell, Sarah Lowndes, Tobi Maier, Francesco Manacorda, Craig Martin, Tom McCarthy, Sarah McCrory, Neil Mulholland, Ciprian Muresan, Nils Norman, Emily Pethick, Nigel Prince, David Riff, Adam Scrivener, Simon Sheikh, Brian Sholis, Elena Sorokina, Mike Sperlinger, Malin Ståhl, Marina Vishmidt, Merel Willemsen, Catherine Wood, Caroline Woodley, among many others.